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Add import feature after excel export

1st idea: With ability to export to Excel, it would be great to be able to update the Excel file and then import the file to update. Simply state that the column headers must remain unchanged and coding should be able to recognize this very easily.

This would be extremely helpful as many people (like myself) have iphones and ipads but work in a world where windows has a larger market. My work machines are on windows and using Excel I can make changes much easier than on my iphone or ipad. Having this feature also provides a work-around solution to not having a Windows version of the app. More sales of this app if this feature gets built.

2nd idea: many org charts have a matrix relationship so it would be nice to have a child that could report to two parents.

Please work on these solutions and I believe it would bring you a lot more business (especially the first idea)!!!

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AdminPhilip Lee (Supporter, Mobilinked) responded  · 

Thank you for the idea.

Importing from Excel file can be easily implemented if the app does not care about the input. However to delivery a good solution for the users without technical background, it will not be that easy as inputting in excel file is out of the control of OrgChart app, as following issues will be frequent:

- Incorrect tree structure (parent and child relationship)
- Incorrect number input
- Columns may be different
- …

Even OrgChart does well to report all the input error to the users, many of the users will be in big trouble to adjust the input.

It may be better to extend OrgChart to windows – another business.


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